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Electric Pallet Trucks with Wheels

The body and legs are made of 3.75mm thick Q345 plate pressed frame, which is not easily deformed and more durable.
The front part of the fork leg is welded with high strength low fork tips, which can pick up low height pallets.
The drive wheel adopts high-strength large diameter tires, which can be used in complicated and bad road conditions.
Battery can be installed with lead-acid and lithium two, and the battery box quick change can achieve continuous operation.
Lifting can be done by either manual or electric.

Electric Pallet Trucks with Wheels


Electric Pallet Trucks with Wheels

Model CTX-20Q
Power Type  Lead Battery/Lithium Battery
Operation Type Standing
Rated Capacity kg 2000/3000
Load Center mm 600
Lifting Height mm 200
Overall Dimension(L/W/H) mm 1680×715×1400
Fork Sizes mm 1150×160×55
Fork Width Min./Max. mm 550/685
Min. Ground Clearance mm 25
Turning Radius mm 1400
Self-weight(with battery) kg 230
Battery Weight kg 20
Wheel Type
 Solid PU
Driving Wheel Sizes mm 170×53
Loading Wheel Sizes mm 80×70
Driving Motor kw(60min) 0.8
Cylinder size mm 60mm
Battery Dimension mm 180×75×175
Battery Voltage/Capacity V/ah 48/20
Controller DC
Working Pressure mpa 14
Travel speed(laden/unladen) km/h 3.5/4
Max Climbing Ability % 10
Braking electromagnetic induction
Driving Type  Electric
Steering System  Manual
Noise Level 63
Waterproof Grade IP54

Standard Configuration:

  • Solid PU tyre
  • 24 voltage 60 Ampere Hour Battery
  • Working for 6-8 hours
  • Over-discharge protection
  • Emergency power-off switch
  • Electromagnetic brake
  • Electric quality display
  • Rated capacity 1.5 ton
  • Lifting height 200 mm

Selective Configuration

  • Fork dimension(+-300mm)
  • Remote control
  • Lithium battery
  • Larger battery capacity

The multi-function handle allows the driver to adjust the pallet truck in horizontal and vertical directions. with full performance, simple operation, and ease to understand.

The forks are forged and processed with fine materials to improve the carrying capacity of the forks which is convenient, time-saving and labor-saving

The casters are made of nylon material, which produces less noise when moving, lower friction damage, and longer service life.

New Emergency Stop Switch 
Fewer parts than traditional emergency stop switches, simple and more reliable structure.

Multi-function Handle Head
It integrates the key, the electricity meter, the control signal light, and the operation button. and the operation is more concise and convenient
Drive Guard Wheel
It can effectively protect the operator from pressing the presser foot and make the operation safer.

Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 1680 × 715 × 1400 cm
Pallet Jack


Turning Radius


Working Pressure


Driving Type


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