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Electric Tricycle Garbage Collector Side Loading

The garbage truck is capable of automatic loading and unloading special garbage collection boxes, suitable for factories, squares, schools, communities, villages, and towns in various places of garbage collection and removal. It has many advantages such as:
1. Great stability
2. Low failure rate
3. Easy to repair
4. Low energy costs
5. Trash compacting

Electric Tricycle Garbage Collector Side Loading


Electric Tricycle Garbage Collector Side Loading

Model Q32
Dimension 3600*1400*2050mm
Car size 2200*1260*1150mm
Tank volume 3.2m³
Rear track 1075mm
Wheelbase 1275mm
Ground clearance 200mm
Equipment quality 1000KG
Cruising range ≤50km
Car lift time ≤50s
Rated load ≥800kg
Max. grade ≤15°
Turning barrel lift time ≤20s
Electronic control 72V3000w DC brushless controller/Optional
Battery 72V120Ah lead-acid battery/Optional
Motor 72V3000W DC brushless motor/Optional
Charger Smart charger/The battery model determines the charger model
Charging time 6-8 hours/Temper ature affects charging time
Cab Simple shed cab, equipped with electric wipers, front LED headlights,front windshield,warning lights
Seat Leather upholstered seat, leather upholstery
Rearview mirror Large field of view without dead angle rearview mirror
Simple Shed LED headlight + turn signal + brake light + overall rear tail light + reversing voice prompt
Car The thickness of the car board is 1.5mm steel plate, the bottom three sides are 8 cm and the upper folds are glued, sealed and welded, the tail is inclined upwards by 12 degrees, and the rear door is pr ovided with a sealing strip to ensure that the sewage does not leak.
Frame Square tube welding
Tire Front 450-12 Rear 500-12 Chao yang
Steering method Direction handle
Braking System Hydraulic drum and mechanical rear handbrake
Hydraulic system DC series excitation and oil pump integr ated connection with 72V1300W hydraulic power unit
Front and rear axles and suspension Front suspension double inner and outer spring liquid compression tube type fornt shock absorber,rear suspension adopts spring steel plate type,a single group of 8 pieces, sigle piece thickness 9mm and width 50m,drive axle adopts high-load and low-speed rear axle.

This garbage truck has two types of garbage collection, Hang Barrel Type and Dump.

This vehicle is capable of carrying 0.8 tons and holds 800L of garbage

High-quality tires: durable, strong, and wear-resistant, all kinds of road sections are smooth.
Slope design: The carriage adopts a slope design to avoid leakage and scattering of garbage during transportation.
LED headlights: bright and safe, longer lifespan, higher brightness, and can work at night.
Hydraulic self-unloading: The carriage adopts a hydraulic self-unloading design, which is convenient for dumping all garbage
Spring damping: safer and more comfortable to drive.



Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 3600 × 1400 × 2050 cm
Garbage truck


Rear track




Ground clearance


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