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Manual Loading Electric Tricycle

The integral keel water-cooled frame is made by connecting the left and right keels of the frame and the inner channels of the rectangular tubes of the longitudinal beams, and connected with the cooling channel of the engine to form an efficient engine cooling system. It has been professionally processed by a thick layer of electrophoretic paint inside the frame to protect iron. Compared with tricycle without a water-cooled frame, the power is greatly enhanced.

Manual Loading Electric Tricycle

Manual Loading Electric Tricycle

Model LH170
Carriage size 1700*1200mm
Dimension 3100*1200mm
Power motor 1500w
Braking method Oil brake
Wheelbase 2250mm
Weight 456KGS
Lifting height 1.6m
Rear Axle Full-floating rear axle
Vehicle load 1.2T
Lifting and lowering control method Push button/wireless remote control

450-12 rear tire
Specially used for heavy load cargo, very popular in the overseas market

Hydraulic lift rod replaces the gas strut More powerful and safe

24 Tube Controller
The battery is enlarged, the battery life is stronger, and the travel is more convenient

Disc Brake
More convenient and safer

Powerful, smooth lifting and lowering, with superb load-bearing capacity.

Finishing details: near and far lights, turn signals, horn buttons. Headlight switch, forward and reverse buttons; flat lift button, intelligent key remote control.

Wear-resistant tires, thickened tires, strong load-bearing capacity, wear-resistant and damage-resistant, long service life, not afraid of complex road conditions and other harsh environments.

1. Naked or waxed before on board.
2. Delivery time: 30 days after receiving payment in advance.
3. By RORO or Bulk ship.

Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 3100 × 1200 × 500 cm
Electric Tricycle


Power motor


Braking method

Oil brake



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