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Mini Electric Forklifts Trucks

A forklift is a transportation vehicle, used for loading and unloading, short-distance transport, and heavy lifting, is called an industrial vehicle by The International Organization for Standardization ISO/TC110, used as a transport machine, Widely used in national economic departments, for example, the railway station, port, airport, factory, warehouse, etc, is efficient equipment mechanical for loading and unloading, stacking and short distance transport.

Mini Electric Forklifts Trucks


Mini Electric Forklifts Trucks

Model CPD-25 CPD-30 CPD-35
Dynamic form Lead acid battery Lead acid battery Lead acid battery
Operation type Driving type Driving type Driving type
Load 2500KGS 3000KGS 3500KGS
Load center distance 500mm 500mm 500mm
Front overhang distance 410mm 488mm 488m
0Wheelbase 1370mm 1700mm 1700mm
Gantry rake / caster 6 / 8αβ 6 / 8αβ 6 / 8αβ
Minimum ground clearance 114mm 114mm 114mm
Standard maximum lifting height 3000mm 3000mm 3000mm
Vehicle size L / W 3170×1100mm 3680×1225mm 3680×1225mm
Lifting / non lifting height of gantry 3935/1995mm 4040/2080mm 4040/2080mm
Fork size L / W / T 1070×125×45mm 1070×125×45mm 1070×125×45mm
Minimum turning radius 2030mm 2180mm 2180mm
Free lifting height 135mm 135mm 135mm
Height of safety frame 2100mm 2100mm 2100mm
Channel width at tray size 1200×1000 2130mm 2130mm 2130mm
Dead weight (including battery) 4950kg 4950kg 5250kg
Battery weight 1350kg 1350kg 1350kg
Axle load (full load) front axle / rear axle 7552.5/397.5kg 7552.5/397.5kg 7875/875kg
Axle load (no load) front axle / rear axle 1620/2430kg 1980/2970kg 2100/2970kg
Tire type (drive / steering) Solid rubber tires Solid rubber tires/Inflatable Solid rubber tires/Inflatable
Steering tire size 18×7-8 18×7-8 18×7-8
Drive tire size 28×9-15-14PR 28×9-15-14PR(inflation) 28×9-15-14PR(inflation)
Front wheel track 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm
Steering wheel track 980mm 980mm 980mm
Rated power of drive motor 10kw(60min) 16.6kw(60min) 16.6kw(60min)
Rated power of lifting motor 10kw(15min) 13kw(15min) 13kw(15min)
Battery size 970/660/430mm 1028/700/970mm 1028/700/970mm
Battery voltage 48/600V/ah 80/500V/ah 80/500V/ah
controller AC AC AC
working pressure 15mpa 15mpa 15mpa
Driving speed (full load / no load) 13.5/15km/h 14.5/15km/h 14.5/15km/h
Lifting speed (full load / no load) 250/350mm/s 230/350mm/s 250/360mm/s
Descent speed (full load / no load) 600/300mm/s 600/300mm/s 600/300mm/s
Maximum grade climbing capacity 16° 16° 16°
Service brake type Hydraulic pressure Hydraulic pressure Hydraulic pressure
Parking brake type Mechanics Mechanics Mechanics
Drive control type Electric Electric Electric
Steering type Hydraulic steering Hydraulic steering Hydraulic steering
Noise level 68 68 68
Waterproof grade IP54 IP54 IP54

1. Thicken and strengthen the fork: Sturdy and sturdy flat fork lifts strong load and high efficiency
2. Hydraulic dual exchange cooling system: The hydraulic oil tank is equipped with a main and auxiliary tank. The oil capacity and cooling area are increased, thus ensuring the steady work of the hydraulic system.

3. Thickened door frame: Rugged, non-deformedstable and stable to preventsafety accidents
4. Battery side-take function frame side door: The use of an advanced design concept of battery frame side door. The using advanced design concept of a battery replacement program gives fast and convenient maintenance.

5. COMFORTABLE OPERATING SPACE: Ergonomic full-scale operation space layout optimization, which offers operators an excellent comfortable, and convenient operating experience.
6.  Night vision LED headlights: Standard warning lights can be operated easily even at night


Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Load center distance


Operation type

Driving type

Minimum ground clearance


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